Plants & Our Environment

Plants & Our Environment

The earth would be a much less colorful place without plants. From trees to flowers, they provide shade and beauty as well protection for animals living in their midst while recycling water into oxygen dioxide - one of many things that make up air! 

Cleansing our Air! All living organisms breath in and out, including people! The process of photosynthesis occurs when plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which gets turned into energy for them. At same time they release oxygen to support humans and animal life like bears or squirrels that breathe it away creating a cycle where everyone benefits together! This is a huge part of our environment and air quality! 

More Rain! The plants' Primary purpose is to provide shelter, stability and food for animals. They also regulate weather patterns like how often it rains or what kind of rainfall we experience in one year versus another. This means that if you want more rain where there’s none now then just grow some vegetation! The addition of even a few plants can have an impact on rainfall. When there are plenty around, it's easier for them all to do their job and make sure that you're getting enough water in your home! If we want our landscapes nicely decorated with greenery instead just being stretches or deserts has a great selection of plants that will work in your area! 

Cooling the Earth! The sun is hot and you need a break from the sand, so when that big massive Oak tree appears in front of your eyes with its Spanish moss hanging over head like an invitation to sit under it for just one minute, what are YOU going do? You'll never regret taking some time out. A refreshing breeze hits you as soon as you lay down beneath this ancient surface-level branch. This part reminded you why these trees exist, they provide shelter against inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow which helps protect life forms on earth ( people & animals) by providing them shade during hottest hours. The cool shade of the forest is an oasis for many people. The drop in temperature when you enter these areas makes it feel more comfortable, and there are even studies that show how planting trees near your home can help lower cooling bills!

Soil!! Healthy soil is an essential part of our environment. It filters water, keeps it clean and fresh for other life forms like plants! As these vegetation grow their roots create natural channels which help capture or direct the flow of rainwater so that you can use what’s needed on your land without wasting too much excess runoff (which would cause erosion). Through different biological processes microorganisms in this amazing Earth improver work together with nutrients from fertilizers applied every year, breathing new life into dead surfaces all around us and making them healthier than ever before... 


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