Planting Directions


Planting: Make sure you dig hole twice the size of rootball or pot. Always backfill with clean soil with no rocks. Water in plant thoroughly to avoid air pockets in soil. 

Plant Height: Always make sure the top of root ball is slightly higher than ground level. You never want plant sitting in standing water.

Water: Make sure the plant gets water daily for two weeks to a month. Either through existing irrigation or water hose. This is key for survival.

Planting Note: It is normal for your plant to shock after its planted in its new home! Plants will sometimes drop their leaves to focus on the rootball underground and growing new roots leaving the top on the plant bare with no leaf tissue. This is normal. Once your plant or plants starts growing new healthy roots and adapting to its new home you will start to see new leaf tissue forming on the top of the plant.

Jungle Plant Tips

1. Always try to keep rootball of plant intact when planting. This is the heart of the plant

2. Do not fertilize plant right away. Let the plant root in naturally for 2 weeks to a month. 

3. Water is very important!! Just like us humans plants need water to survive. Water twice a day for two weeks. 

Plant Spacing

Need help with the layout of your landscape or spacing out your new plants? Here are some guidelines we use for plant spacing and layout per gallon size of plant.

Keep in mind plant spacing all depends on how quickly you will want plants to grow together and the amount of space you have to work with. This is just a general guideline we like to use for reference it can be more or less spacing.

3 GALLON / 1.5FT - 2FT
7 GALLON / 2FT - 2.5FT 
15 GALLON / 2.5FT - 3FT

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